Mission Statement

The Society exists to promote the humane treatment and placement of homeless or unwanted dogs and cats in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia with special emphasis on Berkeley County.

Berkeley County Humane Society’s purpose is:

  • Maintain a shelter for stray and owner-relinquish animals
  • Make every reasonable effort to find caring homes for animals entrusted to its care, consistent with Society resources.
  • Provide for the humane euthanization of animals when medical necessary or shelter population exceeds the available resources for housing and caring for animals hygienically.
  • Accept as members, for an annual fee, all persons or organizations who/which support the Society’s work.
  • Accept donations of money, supplies, and services from individuals and organizations who/which support the Society’s work.
  • Cooperate with other organizations, including State and local governments, with interest in the humane care of animals.
  • Undertake community services activities, including education programs.