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You Can Adopt a Furry Companion Today

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BCHS Adoption Rules & Fees

Adoption Rules

  • You must have a home phone number.
  • You must provide an address other than "General Delivery".
  • If you rent, we will perform a landlord check before the adoption.
  • No adoptions to grown children living at home without parental consent.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older to adopt an animal.
  • All pets adopted are required to be spayed/neutered at our on-site spay/neuter clinic or at a vet of your choice.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any adoption.

The adoptee must agree
to the following conditions

  • To obey the county ordinances concerning animals (rabies shot, tags, etc).
  • To provide proper veterinary care.
  • To arrange for proper care if you go away and do not take the animal.
  • To bring the animal back to BCHS if you can no longer care for it.
  • To notify BCHS if the animal becomes lost, is stolen, or dies.
  • To advertise, check the dog pound, etc. if the animal becomes lost.
  • To have the pet spayed/neutered within the time allowed.
  • If necessary, to permit a BCHS official to come to your home to check on the animal's well-being.

Our adoption fees are:

We now have our own on-site spay/neuter clinic with the surgery being performed by Dr. Briardo Reich. You may schedule your appointment during the adoption process. 

Our adoption fee for all cats/kittens is $65.00, which includes the entire cost of surgery plus first shot and worming.

Our adoption fee for all dogs/puppies is $150.00 which includes the entire cost of surgery plus first shot, worming, and microchipping.

Rabies vaccine at the time of surgery is $10.00. (Not included in adoption fees)

We now accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express for adoptions.